Pohutukawa Burlap Gift Bag

Pohutukawa Burlap Gift Bag

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Kawakawa & Eucalyptus Rub - 120g

Our natural spin on Vicks.  Helps with congestion and sinus relief.  Helps relieve sore muscles, aches and pain.

 Kawakawa a native plant found in New Zealand and the Lavender plant both contain anti inflammatory properties which is why we combined the two to make our powerful balm.

Kawakawa Infused Soap

Our soaps are individually handmade, hand cut and cured with love.

Choose from our range of 6 soaps Lavender, Coconut Lime, Frangipani, Natural, Calendula & Oats, Coffee scrub

Sisal Soap Bag

Go plastic-free in your bathroom with these popular all-natural soap bags.  Use for bathing, washing hands, showering and shaving.  Suitable for producing foam and lather, and uses your soap bar to the very end.  Plus it's a great natural exfoliator.

All packed into a Pohutukawa burlap gift bag.

***limited stock so get in quick***