Cotton Bag Set

Cotton Bag Set

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A handy cotton bag full with products to give your body that deep natural clean.

Kawakawa & Lavender Oil – 30g

Can be used for moisturising and massaging your entire body. 

Also used as after surgery care to heal skin tissue such as stitches / scars.

Smooth the oil over your skin (after a shower or bath) to experience the healing effects of the Kawakawa & Lavender.

Kawakawa Infused Soap

Our soaps are individually handmade, hand cut and cured with love.

Choose from our range of 6 soaps Lavender, Coconut Lime, Frangipani, Natural, Calendula & Oats, Coffee scrub.

Reusable Wipes (set of 4)

These wipes are great for removing make up and giving your face a full clean.  Just wet the wipes, use and they can be washed and reused again. Soft and gentle on your face

All packed into a stamped Casez Creations cotton bag.

*** Please note because of shipping issues we have several suppliers for our jars and accessories eg reusable wipes etc so may differ slightly from picture ***